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We began to weave one side borders in pattu sarees as korvai techniques were languishing and we could not get the weavers who were willing to weave these “Kancheepuram sarees.” Our mentor, who is a textile expert, and who had faith in us, and recognised our potential, and inspired us to go into this again, and gave us designs and colour combinations, and our whole direction changed.

Today we have 35 weavers working for us. Vejai notes down design requirements and fields the marketing while Vishwanath looks after the technical aspect and the administration. S.V. Rajarethinam the father looks after the production and dialoguing with the weavers. We have formed a cluster and encourage the handloom weavers to return to the fold of traditional weaving.

We have earned the respect of traders and textile designers who are eager to work with us. You will see samples of our work, and we are now geared to undertake orders and sell our products online.

Our mentor taught us that traditional skills should be harnessed to contemporary design and now we are on the brink of doing just that, and will diversify into many products apart from sarees, like yardage, complete churidar sets, scarves, stoles and even furnishings. We have to feel the pulse of the market and change our line accordingly without compromising on traditional skills.


S.V.Veerayya bhagavathar son of S.G.Vengakata Ramana Bhagavathar,


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